Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection

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  • North Carolina, Minnesota, West Coast (CA), National (IL) and Lehigh Valley (PA) 5K SCADaddles Postponed Until 2021


    Due to the continuing Covid 19 pandemic, we have made the difficult decision to postpone the 2020 Minnesota SCADaddle (Sept 26), North Carolina SCADaddle (Sept. 26), West Coast SCADaddle (Oct. 3) and National SCADaddle (Oct. 17) until 2021. Emails to current registrants were recently sent out. Lehigh Valley SCADaddle will be part of our expanded […]

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  • Three New Voices of SCAD Videos


    Check out these three new Voices of SCAD videos recently published on our YouTube Channel. Deb had a SCAD heart attack at her grandmother’s funeral and Kelly had her first SCAD while sitting on the couch and her second while making eggs for her son. Stephanie had her heart attack at age 28; she was […]

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  • Newly Resigned SCAD Brochures Designed for Different Audiences


    We are excited about our redesigned brochures to help raise awareness about SCAD. You can find these brochures designed for the general public, medical professionals or EMTs on our SCAD Awareness Brochures webpage, which is located on our website’s What is SCAD section. We hope you will print these two-sided brochures and share them with […]

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  • New Genetic Research Results on SCAD


    Funded primarily by SCAD Research, Inc., the Mayo Clinic SCAD Research Team conducted a genome-wide association study comparing 5 million genetic markers in 667 women with SCAD and 1817 women without SCAD. The research discovered five markers and associated candidate genes linked to SCAD risk, providing a new focus for ongoing basic and clinical research. […]

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  • Presenting Mayo Clinic COVID-19 & SCAD Video


    Thank you Dr. Sharonne Hayes & Dr. Marysia Tweet from the Mayo Clinic SCAD Research Team for creating this informative video for SCAD Research, Inc. We know this video will help address SCAD survivors, their supporters and SCAD Angels families concerns about COVID-19. We are sure you will find their video Mayo Clinic & SCAD […]

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  • Study on Revascularization for SCAD


    In a new study Long-term Outcome After Emergency Revascularization for SCAD funded by SCAD Research, Inc., researchers from the Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation (MHIF) compared the long-term outcomes of 55 patients with revascularization (including attempted) at initial angiogram with 63 non-revascularized patients at initial angiogram. The findings were presented by Dr. Christina Thaler, a researcher […]

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If the stories of survivors and the stories of those who loved and lost due to SCAD have touched you, please get involved by offering your support.

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Are you a SCAD survivor? Has SCAD affected your family or friends? Let your voice be heard! You can use the "Tell Your Story" link below to submit your information and it will be posted in the blog section of the website (see "Read Stories"). Or, tell your story in a video and send it to us by email. Short (2-3 minute) videos will be posted on our youtube channel.

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