Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection

Voices of SCAD Written Stories

Experiencing a life-changing event such as a SCAD, has a huge impact on those who had the SCAD as well as their families and friends. Finding a lack of information about an uncommon and poorly understood condition can be difficult and may add to the strains of recovery. Reading others stories can be an enormous help.

DISCLAIMER: The stories posted are personal stories from people whose lives have been touched by SCAD and do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of SCAD Research, Inc., as it is information provided by third parties. The information presented here and on the SCAD Research, Inc., website as whole is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be medical advice. If you have any complaints about any content, please email scadinfo@scadresearch.org so that we can address any concerns.

Five months post partum to the day!

February 13, 2020

I was sitting in my living room about to get our three children ready for bed and I felt like something was sitting on my chest. I asked my husband for some antacids and I took those and didn’t notice a difference. I started vomiting and my hand and fingers were going numb. My husband […]

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SCAD Survivor

February 8, 2020

I am 56 and had a SCAD related heart attack in early November while in the hospital recovering from an emergent cholecystectomy. I continue to be off work 3 months out due to recurring chest pain. I have been hospitalized overnight twice for chest pain since. I am on the typical regiment of baby aspirin, […]

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67 year old healthy female in shock with diagnosis

January 31, 2020

January 6th of this year, I was out walking with friends and complaining of being overly hot and out of breath. During the prior week I had had intermitent sharp pain in my left underarm region, some indigestion, I vomited once, and felt at times sweaty and chilled. I had also gone through some significant […]

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The Beat Goes On

January 21, 2020

Over Memorial Day Weekend of 2017, when my newborn son was just 7 weeks old, I had a heart attack. I had just returned to work from a brief maternity leave and was looking forward to a long holiday weekend of baby snuggles and a nice family picnic. However, instead of spending that time on […]

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34 weeks Pregnant

December 14, 2019

I am 3 weeks 4 days post SCAD. At 29 years old, 34 weeks pregnant, and no family history of heart issues etc, I had a heart attack. I was having a regular weekend washing clothes getting the house ready for the upcoming week. That evening I noticed I was short of breath but was […]

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Can’t Belive this Happened to Me

November 10, 2019, started out like most days. Up by 0115 hours, hit the gym for an hour and a half and then off to work by 0430 hours. I felt really good after my workout and even indulged in a donut someone had brought to work. I am a 52 year old male in […]

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Emotional stress

September 6, 2019

My SCAD, almost a year ago (in a few weeks) was preceded by an extreme emotional event. Hours later, I had a feeling of indigestion, so I took two Tums. That feeling of indigestion only got worse and shortly thereafter, within another 3-4 minutes, I felt a burning sensation in my throat (like acid reflux) […]

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SCAD @ 29 and Postpartum

August 25, 2019

Hi there, I am 29 years old and about 8 weeks post SCAD’s. I was 10 days postpartum with my third son when I woke up to crushing chest pain, numb left arm and excessive sweating. My husband is a physician and rushed us to the ER, I was in the cath lab within minutes […]

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August 15, 2019

I have watched videos and read stories from other SCAD survivors and what stands out to me is how different each of our stories are, there may be a few common threads, but our symptoms are varied. One common thread throughout is disbelief. I was 58 at the time of my SCAD, I was under […]

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Never Saw THIS coming!

July 21, 2019

I am a healthy, 54 year old mother of three awesome adult kids (and one son-in-law), who has been married to the same great guy for 33 years, and is working as a piano teacher and a PT Admin Assistant. Two and a half years ago I had a total knee replacement and lost 50 […]

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